Life Support

The Life Support Team helps us to grow as friends as we share life together. Jesus taught us to “love God and love others”. So, we do our best to support and promote real relationships with one another as Jesus has calls us to do.
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We are encouraged by Jesus’ words when he said that those who follow him are his friends when we love one another. We enjoy being friends with Jesus and being friends with each other because we are united in the Gospel. We care for one another in our gatherings, in our service teams, in our community groups, and in many other ways.

Basically, Life Support aims to help our community support one another in life. This includes organising and supporting events outside of our weekend gatherings, which seek to build deeper relationships with one another in our community.

Our Groups

Man Food

A few of the lads head to someone’s house or a local pub to have a feed, share stories and support each other in life. All guys are welcome so find Brad and let him know you’re keen.

Women's Dinner

A few of the women gather at someone’s house or at local restaurant to enjoy a meal, share stories and support each other in life. All women are welcome so find Anna and let her know you’re keen.

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