About our team

Our pastors are friends first who work together to help people fall in love with Jesus. We are a mixed bunch of paid and volunteer pastors.

Meet the team

Stuart Crawshaw

Lead Pastor

Jai McMordie


Paul Tait


Joey Cheng


Brayden Wall

Arts Pastor

Ethan Crawshaw

Youth Mission Pastor

Tim Beilharz

Kids Pastor

Joel McMaster

Digital Pastor

Jarrad Spring

Volunteer Pastor

Haley Spring

Volunteer Pastor

Michael Greaves

Volunteer Pastor

Ange Greaves

Volunteer Pastor

Pete Waddington

Volunteer Pastor

Cassie Waddington

Volunteer Pastor

Ross Wernej

Volunteer Pastor

Quin Wernej

Volunteer Pastor

The Bereans

We call our pastoral team ‘The Bereans’, named after a group of people in Greece with noble character, who loved the scriptures and always ensured what was being taught aligned with the truth.