Want to be more equipped in serving? Berea is our internal training ministry to help us grow ourselves, grow others and grow connected communities.

Berea offers great local church training in the Bible, ministry ideas and practical skills. Because we’re all different, Berea has a number of different pathways to accommodate all our members at whichever age or stage of life you are in. There’s Berea for kids, youth, school leavers, younger adults, adults, and retirees. We’ve also got a number of different ways to be trained; from casual conversations, project team training, seasonal lectures, and internships. Whoever you are, whether you’re checking out Jesus or been a Christian for decades, whether you’re in a ministry team or an occasional visitor to Soul Revival, whether you’re thinking about going into full time ministry, or just want to ask some basic questions about Jesus; Berea is our way to help all of us grow. There are four main pathways:

Our Groups

Lite Leader

Our LITE Leadership program is a great way to get a taste of ministry, whilst being mentored by someone, to get a sense of what it’s like. You can be a part of this program term by term. You will grow in your knowledge of the Bible, develop some ministry skills and learn what it means to work in a team.

Certificate of Theology

You can study at Berea informally by attending the topics of interest or you can enrol as a Certificate student with Youthworks College and receive a Certificate of Theology from the Australian College of Theology.

The Certificate of Theology is integrated into our GROW program which is one of the programs offered through Berea. The Certificate of Theology includes a series of subjects delivered over 18 months. This course can be completed one subject each term. The course provides students with a great introduction to theological study. It includes foundational units in Old Testament, New Testament and Christian Belief, as well as additional units in practical ministry.

For more information about the subjects offered in the Certificate of Theology visit the website:

Enrol in the Certificate of Theology Course here:

Foundations Internship

If you are involved in ministry at Soul Revival or you would just like to get to know how our ministry works you can join our foundations Intensive. This is a great opportunity to think through the theology, strategy and practice of ministry. You will also be able to bundle the foundations internship with our certificate of Theology training. There are weekly 2 hour tutorials in School term and great practical ministry opportunities.

Pastors in Training

If you are in Pastoral ministry or would like to get involved in Pastoral ministry at Soul Revival the Pastors in Training Internship is for you. Students need to have completed the Foundations Internship to enrol and this course will grow their skills for both paid and unpaid Pastoral roles. Graduates of the Pastors in Training Internship can apply to join the Soul Revival Pastors team we call the Bereans. The Bereans has Volunteer Pastors, Part Time Pastors and full time Pastors in the team. There are weekly 2 hour tutorials in School term and great practical ministry opportunities. This Internship can be bundled with the Certificate of Theology Course.

Soul Revival Berean Fellowship

Our Soul Revival Berean Fellowship is a team of like minded ministry friends and families who are convicted about Soul Revival ministry and desire to support one another in team together. The team includes Volunteer Pastors, Part Time and Full Time Pastors. Members of the Soul Revival Berean Fellowship meet regularly together and lead and serve in various ministries and campuses. To find out more about the process for joining the Soul Revival Berean Fellowship, fill out the “Want to start growing form” at the bottom of the page.

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