Art, music, design and the like are important aspects of the culture of our church. We love to create, we seek to inspire and we love to bring God all the glory with the skills he’s given us.
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We are all creative. Creativity is hardwired into our DNA because God, the creator, created us in his own image. It pleases God when we create good things, because He sees us reflecting His image.

There are many ways to serve others by tapping into your creative side at Soul Revival. Help create a meal, mix on the sound-desk, help with our slide presentations, come to one of our crafternoons, play and instrument, sing, design for printed material or for our website.

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We love singing to God. He has done so much for us that it’s hard to keep silent.


We have a team of people who use a program called Proclaim to visually guide our services.


We make things sound amazing.

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Central Coordinator


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