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6 Nov 2020

Welcome to our two new Pastors

We are excited to welcome two new members to our team at Soul Revival Church.

Ethan Crawshaw will join us as a Youth Pastor who will be responsible for youth mission. He is being employed on a 1 day per week basis.

Ethan has completed a Diploma of Christian Studies from Youthworks Year 13 program. He has also had 4 years experience as a youth leader at Soul Revival. Ethan has also led our schools ministry over the past few years. He leads the lunch time meeting and volunteer scripture.

We asked Ethan about some of his likes and he said he loves ” reading stuff, Filming stuff, dog stuff, burning stuff, Jesus stuff.

Tim Beilharz will be joining our staff on 1 day a week basis as our new Children’s minister. He will lead our great Kids ministry team.

Tim is married to Ros, father of Micaiah and Azaliah. He is also a Youthworks Children’s Ministry Advisor. He has a BA, has been ordained as a Deacon and has a M. Div from Presbyterian Theological College and a Masters of Arts from Moore College.

Tim lectures in family and intergenerational ministry at Youthworks College.

Tim likes Batman, 90’s punk rock, a good pizza, reading, podcasts, and helping kids love Jesus.