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21 Aug 2023

This week in Soul Revival Digital


DO NOT WAIT. Choose Between Endless Joy or Endless Suffering

Jai uses the Parable of the Weeds to ask what you will be when the day of judgement comes? Weed or Wheat?

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The Shock Absorber

What Are We Being Distracted From at Church?

Tim and Joel use a question from Tim’s Effective Ministry podcast as a springboard into a discussion on why we come to church and what our expectations are for church. Certain factors have possibly lead to a strong focus on cognitive engagement with the preached word of God. While essential for Christian formation, it perhaps has lead to a diminished focus on the other reasons we meet at church.

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Chip Lunch

Not yet…

It was Zac’s turn on the podcast to tell his story which includes growing up at church, leaving church and coming back to church and why the answer was “not yet” for a while.

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