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17 Jul 2020


We are not going ahead with our trial gatherings this weekend.

In response to the changes announced by the Government this morning, I have consulted with the staff, Wardens and Parish Council to make this decision. I understand this is disappointing as we were looking forward to being back together again this weekend.

This morning the Government announced that churches will be restricted to numbers of 100 with no mingling. This new order will legally come into effect next week, however the Government have asked us to begin implementing these new orders as soon as possible for the health of the community, as the situation is changing quickly. While the Arch Bishop has announced today that we do not need to comply immediately, we want to be good citizens and want to keep everyone safe, and so we will seek to enact these changes immediately.

The heightened restrictions announced today have made the managing of logistics more complicated and we need to revisit the practicalities of running gatherings with smaller numbers. We do not have time to prepare the weekend services to come in line with the new announcements.

We will be resuming online services this weekend and the zoom hangouts after each service. These gatherings will go live at the regular times. The zoom links will be added to the events on Pulse.

I appreciate your grace and patience at this time and I am looking forward to when we can meet together again face to face.