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20 Mar 2020

Soul Revival Church Live Streaming Information Mar 20-22


As we mentioned yesterday, we will be suspending our public gatherings but we are not suspending church. We are as committed as ever to gather together as a community.

Each gathering will be streamed live from the Campus Facebook page. The gatherings will be streamed from one of the following Facebook pages:

Soul Revival Church Kirrawee
Soul Revival Church Wooloware
Soul Revival Church Yarrawarrah

We understand that all this might be difficult to navigate if you are unfamiliar with live streaming. As a staff, we have also faced the challenges of how to best deliver our gatherings so that all Soul Revival members could access them. This has been particularly challenging given the limited time. Over the coming weeks we hope this process will become clearer and simpler.

If you are not already connected with the Campus Facebook page, follow the steps below prior to the gathering commencing:

1. Login or join Facebook
2. Search for the relevant Soul Revival Page in the search bar
3. Scroll down the displayed options until you find a post  related to the campus you are interested in e.g. Soul Revival Church Kirrawee
4. Click on the “Like” icon so that you will be notified when a live stream is in progress

Please visit the relevant Facebook page to watch the live stream. You can click into the post in the comment field so you can comment throughout the broadcast.

Here is the schedule of our live broadcasts this weekend:

Soul Revival Kirrawee: Friday 20th March @ 6.30pm
Soul Revival Kirrawee: Saturday 21st March @ 5.30pm
Soul Revival Yarrawarrah: Sunday 22nd March @ 9am
Soul Revival Kirrawee: Sunday 22nd March @ 9.30am
Soul Revival Kirrawee: Sunday 22nd March @ 5pm
Soul Revival Woolooware: Sunday 22nd March @ 5pm


New Sermon Podcast

We have also launched a new podcast that will contain recordings of some of our sermons. It is called Soul Revival Podcast
Sermons will be uploaded regularly to this podcast. To get started we have uploaded a number of recent sermons. The podcast is available from where you normally listen to your podcasts.

Here is one option for you:LISTEN ON SPOTIFY

If you are unable to access any of these options, please don’t hesitate to contact us on the numbers below:

Stuart Crawshaw: 0418 960 226

Jai McMordie: 0425 279 721

Paul Tait: 0435 358 959

Karen Sell: 0431 139 306