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7 May 2021

Shock Absorber Church Planting

We are excited to announce that this weekend we are launching our second stage of Church Planting. At Soul Revival Church, we’ve taken an iterative design approach to our Church Planting. This means we are always evaluating and learning from what we are doing in each of our campuses. 

In the past we have used the term “Greenhouse” to describe our first stage of church planting. So what was the Greenhouse? We used the idea of the greenhouse, because that is where you would plant a seed, cultivate it and grow till it was ready to be taken out into the garden to be planted. The idea for this metaphor came from the book “the Trellis and the Vine”.

However, we also used another metaphor that we were using within our approach. It was the “Shock Absorber”, the idea that the young people of our church are the cultural Shock Absorbers to help the church to adjust to changes we face as a church.

Paul Tait, encouraged us to re-look at these metaphors, as it was confusing to have 2 different metaphors. So we came up with new way of thinking and talking about our Church plants and Church planting.

So, this weekend, we are launching our second stage called ‘Shock Absorber Church Planting’, as we seek to go to 7+ churches. 

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be explaining more about this exciting next stage of Shock Absorber Church Planting and how we can all be involved as ONE Church. You can find out more by watching the video below.