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17 Mar 2021

Celebrating the Women of Soul Revival

International Women’s Day was celebrated this week in various ways across the community and across the world. So in line with this, across all our gatherings this weekend, we will have an interview with a different woman from the Soul Revival family. We hope you enjoy getting to know some of the faithful women who are part of our church.

Meet Louisa Zhang

Louisa is a member of our West Ryde Connected Community. Born in Sydney, she grew up and still lives in the suburb of Eastwood with her younger brother. Louisa attended Ryde Secondary College, and then majored in Finance and Psychology at UNSW. Currently she works at Woolworths in the Data and Analytics space.

To get to know Louisa a little better, we asked her the following questions.

Q. How did you first encounter Jesus?

A. Reading about Jesus in the Bible at youth group.

Q. As a committed Christian, how do you balance your priorities and responsibilities?

A. I try to manage my own energy and holistic health well, and plan ahead so that urgent doesn’t trump the important.

Q. What are some of the things that matter to you as a Christian in 2021?

A. Gratitude, community, and innovation