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22 May 2021
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We’ve moved out of the workshop and hit the road with a relaunch. It was so good, I haven’t been able to stop smiling all week.

There were so many wonderful things that happened on the night, however here are some highlights and what our next steps are:


To call it just food doesn’t do justice. The amazing spit roast and salads were a delight on a cool night. Many thanks to Richard, Stuart, Matt Daniels, Brian and the many others who organised the food, prepared the meat and served us our dinners.

We are one church

Relaunching was not something we did alone. Over the past few months, Stuart especially, has been working behind the scenes and publicly to remind us all that we are one Church. This was evident as 56 people joined together to support, encourage and celebrate our relaunch in this new space.


We welcomed some new people who wanted to check us out, a few people invited some friends, some of our commitment helpers and a couple of our friends from Cronulla Anglican joined us too.

It was a delight to hear from our Cronulla friends, Jeanette and Jack about our growing partnership, and their joy in working together to share the good news of Jesus.

The team

A huge thank you to our team who worked so hard and with so much joy as we tried something a bit different. I was blown away by the way we all chipped in a did what we could to make it such an amazing night. We have not only moved to Cronulla and out of the workshop, but we did it with a bang!